Challenging Times Bring About Opportunities.

Listen to this short video about how this difficult time can transform YOUR school community. 


Tom and I are firm believers that in every situation, there's a chance for a positive outcome.

The Coronavirus and school closures are no different. 

What if we come together as a community to support each other at even higher levels?

What if people learn that they can make an impact no matter how small?

What if children see neighbors and strangers coming together to ensure that everyone has what they need?

The results could be transformative. 

There are so many people in our communities, in our state, and in our nation who want to help.

But they don't know how.

Let's give these people a way to support schools and children like never before. 

Take These Simple Steps:

  1. Decide what your school needs.

  2. Communicate your needs to teachers by grade level/subject level.

  3. Give them a deadline to post.

  4. Share each Donors Choose project widely on the school's website, social media pages, and electronic messages. 

Get started now to engage the community. In this time of social distancing, we can come together by giving people a way to bridge the digital divide, engage students, and create  community.

Bonus: Here's a link to some new grant opportunities to help schools: Grants for Schools