Coach Your Team to Higher Levels of Performance

Gain critical COACHING skills and LEADERSHIP strategies to develop your employees and improve overall school performance!!!

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Gain critical skills and strategies to develop your employees and improve overall school performance.

To truly advance as a leader you will need to be able COACH and INFLUENCE your team to a higher level of performance:

✔  Increase your influence by improving your leadership skills

✔  Learn to communicate with clarity and connect with all people to increase your influence in all situations.

✔  Coach your team to higher levels of performance  

✔  Create a culture of independence and problem solving by developing the leaders around you

Our Coaching for a High Performance School Culture: Coaching and Leadership Development Program will provide you all of the tools and leadership training you need to accelerate your growth and the performance of your team.

You’ll receive the following personal and professional development over 90 days:

COACH TO HIGHER LEVELS OF PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP (live or virtual options) and group mastermind

An EASY TO IMPLEMENT AND PROVEN coaching process that works: Coaching is not telling or teaching. You will discover how to use a proven coaching model that will bring your team to higher levels of performance

360 DEGREE TRAINING EXPERIENCE: Through observational learning and practical application, you will experience coaching from the perspective of every participant in the coaching conversation.

COACHING TRACKING TOOLS AND RESOURCES: Track the actin steps and progress of each member of your team.

POWERFUL COACHING QUESTIONS: Good leaders ask great questions. With this resource in your hands to review daily you'll quickly begin to have coaching conversations throughout your day. Removing the telling and directing while developing higher levels of performance amongst your team. 

THREE MONTHLY INTERACTIVE Q & A SESSIONS and LIVE PARTICIPATION: To help you get the most out of your experience, three sessions are set aside to allow participants to practice the coaching process with other members in a safe setting. 

ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNERSHIPS: You'll be paired up with other participants to hone your coaching skills and gain more practice in a safe setting. 

Coach for High Performance Workshop & Mastermind ($349)

*Virtual and in person training sessions starting in August with support through October, (Sessions are recorded and added to your personal online professional development module)


High Performance Culture Workshop Series

(August - October)

(live online & on-demand workshops with unlimited  replays)

BECOMING A LEADER OF MASSIVE INFLUENCE: Learn simple, insightful ways to interact more positively with others, and watch your personal and organizational success go off the charts.

HOW TO PRIORITIZE: Learn key strategies to prioritize, plan, and execute on your daily goals and spend your time doing the right things with the right people. 

EMPOWER AND DELEGATE: Apply key practices and principles to empower your team and delegate responsibility to ensure greater results throughout the organization.

LEAD ENGAGING and PRODUCTIVE MEETINGS: Implement the four key meetings that healthy organizations utilize to ensure the organization's goals and results are in the forefront and communication 

GIVE TIMELY AND EFFECTIVE FEEDBACK: Regular feedback helps employees' efficiently direct their attention and energies, helps them avoid major errors and dead ends, and keeps them from learning things they later will have to unlearn at great cost. It also can serve as a motivating form of interaction between supervisor and employees, and peer to peer. When employees learn to internalize the voice of the 'coach,' they can begin to give themselves corrective feedback.

DISC Leadership Profile & Debrief Session: A personalized leadership profile to build your leadership awareness and provide you a personalize plan for growth as a leader ($97)

COMMUNICATION MASTER COURSE: 12 communication training sessions and workbooks based on the core practices and principles of effective communication.

These workshops will be held virtually throughout the months of August, September and October (Sessions will be recorded and added to your personalized online module)

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"Strategic Networking and Collaboration" Trusted Values Based & Preferred Vendors

Meet school and business leaders from across North Carolina while growing your team during our transformational leadership event. You will leave with more than new contacts; you’ll be refreshed and invigorated with new ideas and strategies to grow yourself and your business. I guarantee this event will be an experience your team will never forget!


Dr. Tom Miller, Human Behavior Consultant, Coach and School Culture and Climate Expert 

  • Certified Leadership Coach and DISC (Personality Profile) Consultant
  • Effective Schools Characteristics and Indicators Expert
  • School Improvement Strategist 
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Lauren Watters, Former Principal, Systems, Scheduling and Content Expert

  • Former teacher and principal of high performing school
  • Over ten years of leadership experience developing systems for strategic improvement
  • Strategic consultant and organization specialist
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Emily Moore, Former Principal, Rapport, Relations and Customer Service Expert. 

  • Former teacher and principal of high performing school
  • Over twenty years of building rapport and effective personnel relationships
  • Strategic consultant and customer service specialist
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"Working with Tom Miller has been pleasure! As a new school Tom has helped us grow in the right direction. Because of Tom I have learned what it means to be a good leader and I owe my growth as a professional to him and his valuable trainings! "

Kelly Painter
Director, Bradford Prep School

Learn From the Best Employee Relations and Organizational Health Experts in North Carolina

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  • Reduce turnover and maximize talent.
  • Master human relations and coaching skills to develop a thriving environment
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