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High Quality Personal and Professional Leadership Development Program & Proven School Improvement Methods for Principals and Administrators


High Quality School Leader Development Program

Sign up your team and join us on this journey of professional growth and development within a community of like-minded dream achievers!

We all want our schools to be more and accomplish more don’t we? But too often, on our quest to change the culture, we drift off course and seem to get lost along the way.

Our successes can be sporadic, sometimes few and far between; and our disappointments can be crushing. We take our foot off the gas for just a minute and before we know it, 10 months have slipped by practically unnoticed and the school year is wrapping up.

But deep down we know we are capable of much, much more … it just doesn’t seem to be working for us.

How it Works!

The Principal Leadership Academy Blueprint4Success program is a self-driven, step-by-step, virtual school leadership teaching and mentoring program for charter leaders at any level.

Think about it, you are responsible for leading a multi-million dollar public enterprise that is responsible for the security, safety and education of tomorrow’s leaders?

Your success will be determined by two things: Your ability to lead yourself and develop your team.

How much time are you devoting to either right now?

If you did, how might your organization be different?

How would the lives of your teachers and students be different?

Strengthen Your Leadership

Participate in weekly teaching lessons and group coaching sessions, Q and A with charter experts, receive supplementary leadership training teaching and resource videos, school leadership resources, 12 month-principal checklist, study guides, and more for less than $6 a week!

Live Your Mission

Ensure the school's mission are more than words on paper.

Strengthen Academics

Learn how to ensure program fidelity throughout the school!

Build a Team

Your school's success will be solely determined by the strength of your team. 

Receive best practices

We work with and research the best school leaders across the country. You will learn what we learn from them.

Get The Program Today

The Principal Leadership Academy provides school leaders with our BluePrint4Success framework that guides in the development of necessary systems and characteristics that every effective school has. Get it today!



One-Time Price (Lifetime Access)

Develop a framework for creating systems for your school

24/7 lifetime and unlimited access to on-demand resources to help you and your team

Monthly mentorship calls with multiple time options to fit any schedule

Access to school leadership experts for assistance and advice


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