What are the consequences for people not holding themselves or others accountable? 

Watch this short video to hear what might happen when this isn't clear in your organization!



Why You Should Join Our Leadership Community!

When you are not working towards holding teammates accountable you are letting them, the people you lead, and the organization down personally. For a culture of accountability to thrive, a leader must demonstrate a willingness to confront difficult issues.

One of the problems I see most often is that accountability conversations are held in negative emotional climates with toxic outbursts and shaming.

During our Steps to Building a Cohesive Leadership we will address and you will learn the key points to effectively embracing accountability. From leader to team, teammate to teammate. You will also learn how to build an accountability scoreboard focused on the key performance indicators so everyone knows where we are winning, where we are falling short and the adjustments we need to make to move forward.