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Transformation occurs one person at a time. 

My mentor and transformational leaders John Maxwell talks about greatness coming from being bigger on the inside than on the outside.

Values are what it takes to be bigger on the inside and this book study, and the accompanying Transformation Tables will address 6 foundational values: Hope, Listening, Valuing Every Person, Integrity, Forgiveness, and Multiplication.

Our book study members will meet for one hour a week over a five-week period of time. Then, experience the power of values based roundtables and see the transformation begin!

Learn to apply practical strategies for improving your organizational leadership.

Gain new perspectives and ideas.

Challenge yourself to live a life of values, focused on personal growth and empowerment.  

Join our upcoming Leadership Mastermind book study starting June 28th.

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7:00 (EST)

You could read this book alone and learn, however as a certified member of the John Maxwell Team, I will bring unique perspective and inside information into the mastermind that will increase awareness (not only knowledge), accountability, communication and people build new relationships. 

Study guide and additional resources to supplement your growth!

You won’t get all these benefits  by merely reading the material by yourself.