Your School Could Earn Much Needed Dollars. Let me show you how. 

Learn How to Write Foundation, Corporate, and even State and Federal Grants to Support Your School!

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Grant Writing Workshop

$35.00 USD

In this 4-session course, Katy dispels the myths commonly associated with grant writing and provides a step-by-step approach to writing award-winning grant applications.

Together, we'll explore beginner-level grants and work through the writing process, so, by the end of this course, you'll have a grant to submit.

The next class starts on June 24th at 4:30pm, and the cost is $35.

We'll meet online, and it'll be recorded. Participate live, or learn when it suits your schedule.

We'll meet on these dates:
June 24th, July 1, July 8, and July 15.


Each Wednesday, starting June 24th, join me online for our Grant Writing Workshop where we will walk through the parts of a grant, learn how to select a grant, and start writing a grant for your school. 


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