Leadership Assessment

a 360 degree view of your influence as a leader

Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less


Leaders Building Leaders utilizes John Maxwell’s Leadership Assessment to provide a comprehensive view of your effectiveness as a leader.  This is a necessary first step in determining your strengths, areas for growth and the best strategies to improve your leadership effectiveness.

The Leadership Assessment is highly effective because it looks at two sides of your leadership:

  1. Your own self-assessment as a leader
  2. Objective feedback from those around you (the raters)

The results of the Leadership Assessment provide revealing insight into your leadership effectiveness which is used to target your leadership growth.


Highly effective leaders are committed to their growth and are open to objective feedback that will accelerate their personal and leadership growth. You will receive:

Measurements on 64 leadership attributes

Feedback compiled into a full-color, easy-to-read report

Leadership attributes summary listing all items ranked from highest to lowest

Unedited, written comments provided by your raters

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