Maxwell Mastery Leadership Series

Improve your leadership skills, and the skills of your team by studying the leadership principles of best selling author John Maxwell in a mastermind setting through a relaxed, user-friendly learning platform.

"The team building/leadership training we conducted was hands down amazing. Today, I felt we made some leeway- and sparked some enthusiasm in my thought process." 

- Bre Buckholz,  Kestrel Heights Charter


Master These Common Leadership Challenges

  • Improve relations, communications & build a team
  • Save time and energy by learning to lead yourself through intentional action
  • Design and execute on your plans
  • Visualize and seize your dream life

Learn from Industry Experts

John Maxwell is my mentor! Let’s face it, you could read the books on your own. However, the connection to the content and additional resources you will receive from Dr. Thomas Miller, a certified John Maxwell Coach will accelerate your learning. "I want to teach you what John is teaching me!"

How it Works

Over the next twelve months you will be lead by an Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team, Dr. Thomas Miller, through five of John Maxwell's best-selling leadership books: Developing the Leaders with You 2.0Intentional LivingDeveloping the Leaders Around You, and John's two latest books, No Limits and Leadershift

Each book will studied for ten to twelve weeks!

For your convenience, we created a flexible live call schedule that will occur every other Monday. Join anytime!

Improve Your Personal Growth

Achieve Your Goals

Improve All Areas of Leadership

Invest in Yourself and Your Team!

We have investment packages for single members and entire organizations that are less than $8 a week. Click the button to get started on the path to improving your leadership skills. The opportunity is right here, right now...You just need to take it.


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