Become an Effective Communicator Through an Online Platform!

The Biggest Mistake Made in Virtual Communication is Treating it like You Are Face to Face in the Same Room.


You are invited this Thursday, July 30th (@3:00 EST) to a Virtual Communication Workshop where you will learn key strategies that will accelerate your ability to communicate and connect with everyone!

Watch this short video and unlock the first secret to effective virtual communication as a preview to our workshop!


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Benefits to Joining Our Workshop and Master Communication Course!

If you want to truly impact and influence your audience through a digital platform, you must master these key principles:

1. Speaking is Influence: Communication and connecting are the keys to influence. We do that through taking people on a journey through our communication skills, not just by telling them what to do. 

2. Create an Experience Everyone Will Enjoy: As the expert in the room, you know it all. But effective communication isn't about telling people. It's about creating experiences through multiple medias that connect and solidify the information. 

3. Emotional Transportation: You must reach for the heart before you ask for the hand. The key to connecting with people is not through your interests but through their interests!

4. Be Entertaining: Entertainment is the oil in the wheels of education. If you want people to engage, you must learn how to entertain and engage. 

5. Educate yourself: These are just a few of the speaking for influence principles we will address through our weekly lessons and group coaching. 

We will share and model digital tools and platforms teachers can use and practice with to strengthen their instructional methods not just for now, but for years to come when they return to their brick and mortar classroom. 

Discover how our Virtual Communication Workshop will change your life.

Reduce stress and reach students, reach peers, and lead entertaining and impactful sessions under any circumstance. 

Be part of an exclusive group of teachers who will meet weekly to work on their speaking for influence skills with certified John Maxwell Coaches and Trainers to create a classroom environment that is entertaining, education and engaging. Will you be one of them?

The problem you may be experiencing: You feel overwhelmed, scared, and even angry about the current situation. You know there is more potential inside of you to give to your student audience, but you're not quite sure how to tap into that potential through a screen.

You've worked hard all year to create a successful classroom...Now you have to retool, rethink, re-EVERYTHING over these last eight weeks of the school year in hopes that the year isn't lost.

You've spent hours (even days) already trying to "figure it out" on your own, but it just doesn't feel natural. Yet you have to be live any day (or maybe you already started) and still feel you haven't come close to achieving the lesson structure and visuals that you want. I have some good news for you.

These feelings you’re having are emotional signals that you are very near a breakthrough. You’re so very close! 




1. I am already busy. How often will we meet? The purpose of this course is to give you time back by being more prepared and having a deeper understanding of the tools and equipment. We will meet two times a week. I will stay on as long as all questions are asked, but the lesson will be delivered during the first 15 minutes. 

2. Do I need to participate live? No, all sessions will be recorded and housed in a private portal. You will benefit by listening to the questions and discussions of the other participants in the class. 

3. Can I just listen? You will want to be able to watch the video and the modeling of the resources.  

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