Worried that you won't be able to keep up with all of the changes to make effective decisions? 

Curious to know what other charter leaders are doing?

Looking for better ideas and practices for the short and long term?

My mentor once told me, Worrying is bubble gum for the mind. 

In partnership with the NC Association for Public Charter Schools (NCAPCS) and other charter vendor experts, I invite you to join our weekly Charter School Leader Collaborative to learn how your charter school colleagues across the state are best serving students and planning for the future call every Thursday at 1:00 est.:

  • get legislative updates;
  • hear from charter experts in finance and legal;
  • share and learn innovative strategies and practices;
  • gain clarity on your requirements;
  • affirm your current practices; and,
  • worry less and focus more!

Strengthen Your Charter School Community

Join us every Thursday at 1:00 to share and learn key practices, gain clarification on your responsibilities, get updates from legislation and hear how your fellow charter leaders are thriving through these challenging times.