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Just Wait Until You Get the Bill for Mediocrity

Your success will be determined by the five people that you spend the most time with. So why when it comes to our Insurance, Finances, Human Resources, Legal Matters and other key business functions do we choose COMFORT over EXPERTISE? Do we choose COST over RETURN?

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One way to achieve that extra degree is with our This event Advanced training. If you’re looking for a new level of success and achievement in your school… whether it be in your human resources, financial, facilities, legal and liability aspects of your school, I invite you to discover why this nine week course is your fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to improve your school.

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Running a business in 2021 is hard, and the business of running a Charter Schools is no different. Regardless of the number of employees you have, the number of laws and regulations that you need to follow is virtually endless. Let us help you rein in that list with the top 5 five areas of Human Resources you should be concerned with RIGHT NOW.  We will break down the following topics: The Form I9, changes from The National Labor Realtions Board (NLRB), updates to The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), OSHA and the COVID vaccine. Each topic comes with an action step that will bring you one step closer to relaxing under the shade of the compliance tree.

Peter Senick is one of the regional Vice President’s with Equitable Advisors, and focuses on providing important tax & benefit related advice to educators and their families.

This session is led by charter school legal expert Lisa Gordon Stella.

Strong leaders know that compliance and culture go hand in hand.  There are ways to create contracts, policies and programs that support your school’s culture while mitigating risk.  In this session, we will discuss ways charter school leaders can be proactive in creating a supportive and fair school culture.  This session will cover employee contracts, incentive programs, employee leave policies and how to handle employees under American’s with Disabilities Act.  Be prepare with questions and share your own stories of success!


Every open seat at a charter school is potentially $6,000 to $8,000 the school can use to improve the academic and operational programming of the charter school. This session will take school leaders through five common pitfalls we see when seeking to increase enrollment and take them through easy to use strategies from our Fully Enrolled Workbook that will guide any charter leadership team through steps for better branding, communication and marketing processes. Ultimately leading towards more students and reputation in the community. 

Katy Ridnouer, published author and grant writing expert will help school leaders get ready to go after grant funding by sharing the mindset, documentations, and team necessary for success.

Your Team's "New Eyes" Will See EVERY  Situation as an Opportunity to Improve Your Operations

  • No longer feel like YOU, the Head of School, has to identify and fix every problem!
  • Equip your team and create a NON-Leader dependent operating school culture.
  • Save time, money and resources.
  • Create a viable, sustainable school operations structure in the areas of human resources, personnel benefits, risk management, student enrollment and marketing, school expansion, grant writing and so much more...

Strengthen Your Operational Planning for the Upcoming Year

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