Writing a Charter School Application

We write high-quality charter school applications that get approved!

Our process is simple: You are the expert on your community and education plan, and we are the expert in ensuring your plan is communicated clearly to the authorizor.

As a former member of a state authorizing team, and co-author of over a dozen applications in three states, Katy Ridnouer has spent hundreds of hours coaching and teaching applicants, reading, evaluating and providing specific feedback on how to improve the overall application.

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"FernLeaf, and Henderson County Families, are forever indebted to Leaders Building Leaders for its expertise and support. We truly believe that without your help and behind the scenes work that we would not have garnered approval from the State Board of Education to open in 2016. We look forward to bringing the families in our community another option for their children thanks to LBL’s expertise!"

Michael Luplow
Founder and Executive Director
FernLeaf Community Charter School

Some of the benefits of partnering with the Leaders Building Leaders team are:

  • Adding a committed partner with first-hand charter school knowledge and leadership experience to your team.
  • Adding a commited partner who has written and received over $1.5 million in grants.
  • Adding a committed partner with access to state-wide resources and relationships.
  • Adding a partner who has evaluated over 100 applications as a member of the State’s authorization team.
  • Adding a certified coach and accountability partner to help navigate through the application’s LOOPS and TURNS.

In addition, the entire organization will benefit from specific teaching for you and your board regarding:

  • Alignment to mission throughout application (From Goals to Roles!)
  • Effective governance practices and structures
  • Best practices in developing an operational budget
  • Marketing and meeting community promises
  • Building an action plan to navigate: Submission > Interview > Ready-to-Open Process > Vision a Heartbeat

Let’s buckle up for an energetic and thrilling ride and get ready to celebrate this community WIN together!

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