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External results are the direct result of internal behavior.


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Step 1: Build  a Foundation of Trust 

Step 2: Create Clarity


 Step 3: Cascade Communication


Achieve Commitment


Embrace Accountability


Focus on Results


Equip Your Team 

Start Moving in The Same Direction!

Benefits to Building
a Cohesive Team

One is too small of a number to achieve greatness. You owe it to yourself, your team and your organization to collaborate to reach the best results. Leadership begins and ends with you, but it has nothing to do with you. 

If leaders do not think their people know their weaknesses they are sadly mistaken. Leaders should embrace their areas for growth by surrounding themselves with talented people who think and work differently, but are like-minded in goals and vision. 

When teams are operating at the highest level it is typically caused by effective communication and clear roles. Bringing multiple voices and perspectives teams can look ahead and easily navigate through problems and challenges. 

With a lack of unity it is easy to blame the leader or other members for missteps and miscues. 

When decisions are made in a silo there is too much room for wavering and shifting without any discussion. This leads to a lack of clear direction, lack of unity and overall mistrust between the leader and team. When decisions are made as a team it allows for initiatives and ideas to cultivate and grow. 

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, build a team. We find that the more the leader holds on to, the less the leader is able to accomplish. Putting a lid on the team and organization's overall success. 

"What was most beneficial about being here with all these charter school leaders was feeling that I'm not alone in this. With all the things that make you feel isolated at your school as a leader when you are in your office alone, it felt really helpful and supportive to get some ideas from others."

That being said, I greatly appreciate how you distill much of what's out there and provide it to us practitioners in a meaningful way.

Just wanted to let you know how valuable you and your organization is.
— Bill Graham

Principal, Granville Academy

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