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Leaders Building Leaders focuses on supporting the boards, leadership, staff and students of public charter schools and the communities they serve. We provide expert consulting, onsite training, mentoring and coaching to help school leaders and board members raise student achievement and improve school culture.

As former charter school principals we understand the challenges you face, and utilize strategic methods to solve any problem and improve the school you lead.  

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Our mission is to be the difference-maker in the leadership development of individuals and organizations.

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Dr. Thomas Miller, former principal and consultant for the North Carolina Office of Charter Schools, combines his John C. Maxwell Team leadership certification with his decade of effective charter school research and experience to coach and mentor principals to raise student achievement and improve schools culture all across the country. 

Being a recovering addict, Dr. Miller understands human behavior and what it takes to transform people. His flagship talks and seminars bring about immediate changes and long-term results. 

Married since 2003 to devoted and giving wife Jennifer, together, they raise two amazing children, Devyn and Matthew. Thomas loves to hike, trail run, play ice hockey, and spend quality time traveling with his family. 

Learn more about Tom on his LinkedIn page and email him at [email protected] 

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