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Leaders Building Leader's school improvement expertise and leadership development programs can save you and your organization time and energy by bringing focus to key areas for improvement and accountability.

We are here to provide you with the guidance, resources and training to help your organization reach its goals.

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Reach your personal goals and determine key focus areas through individual coaching. You'll get one-on-one attention focused on goal achievement, self-leadership and accountability. 


Using proven methods and training created by industry and leadership experts, we provide group training for small to large teams focused on team building, culture and communication.


Our consulting services will positively impact your school by helping to identify areas for improvement where you will see measurable change. We help problem-solve and give alignment and clarity to your organization.

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"The team building/leadership training we conducted was hands down amazing..."

- B. Buckholz, Kestrel Heights Charter School, Durham, NC

“I wanted to send a little note of thanks for your presence today. The team building/leadership training we conducted was hands down amazing. Today, I felt we made some leeway - and sparked some enthusiasm in my thought process. ” 

"It is incredibly inspiring to be around this group of people..."

- Michael Luplow, FernLeaf Community Charter School
“It is incredibly inspiring to be around this group of people who are experienced, talented, and going through much of the same things as I am. It’s a great resource to have access to all of them.”

"You kept us focused and on track..."

-Natalie Parker, Piedmont Community Charter School

“Facilitating a group is a gift, and you have it. It’s not easy working with a group of adults, but you were able to keep us on track and moving forward. As a small group coordinator you interjected at just the right moment to turn the conversation back on track or to point out that the group has landed in a place of consensus so we could move on.

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"We are Trained and Mentored by the Best"


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