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Professional Training, Coaching and Consulting Services that will Improve Your School 

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  • Teacher Leaders

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  • Strategic Solutions

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 Three Easy Steps to Begin Your School Improvement Solutions Plan 

Step 1: Choose Your Service: We offer personalized plans to meet all of your school improvement needs.
Step 2: Choose Your Dates: Our team offers flexible plans that will fit right into your schedule to limit the impact on school operations. 
Step 3: Get Professional Support: Be proud of your school, get immediate problems solved and feel calm and confident about the school's future.
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Our consulting services will positively impact your school by helping to identify areas for improvement where you will see measurable change. We help problem-solve and give alignment and clarity to your organization

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From the classroom to the board room, I can help you improve your personal and professional leadership skills, build successful teams; communicates with confidence; and experience the reward of coaching others to success. 

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Reach your personal goals and determine key focus areas through individual coaching. You'll get one-on-one attention focused on goal achievement, self-leadership and accountability. 

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We write award winning grants and charter applications that get approved! We have a proven process for ensuring that your vision is communicated with clarity; resulting in accepted proposals!

My Greatest Leadership Lesson

As a former principal I have been in your shoes and learned lessons the hard way. My goal, as a mentor and consultant, is to accelerate your learning by sharing my mistakes.  
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"The team building/leadership training we conducted was hands down amazing..."

- B. Buckholz, Kestrel Heights Charter School, Durham, NC

“I wanted to send a little note of thanks for your presence today. The team building/leadership training we conducted was hands down amazing. Today, I felt we made some leeway - and sparked some enthusiasm in my thought process. ” 

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"It is incredibly inspiring to be around this group of people..."

- Michael Luplow, FernLeaf Community Charter School
“It is incredibly inspiring to be around this group of people who are experienced, talented, and going through much of the same things as I am. It’s a great resource to have access to all of them.”
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"You kept us focused and on track..."

-Natalie Parker, Piedmont Community Charter School

“Facilitating a group is a gift, and you have it. It’s not easy working with a group of adults, but you were able to keep us on track and moving forward. As a small group coordinator you interjected at just the right moment to turn the conversation back on track or to point out that the group has landed in a place of consensus so we could move on.

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Is the school you lead performing at its highest level?

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Lead your school at the highest level through our best school improvement and leadership development content.

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I'm Dr. Tom Miller — a former charter school principal and state consultant who specializes in charter school leadership, school improvement strategies, governance training and developing leaders. My core philosophy of leadership is this:

Leadership isn’t about telling people what to do, it’s about opening and building a relationship.

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Katy Ridnouer

Born into a military family, Katy Ridnouer was raised to believe that it is her responsibility to do whatever is in her power to change the world; for Katy, it’s changing the trajectory of children’s lives. Since 1993, Katy has shared her love of learning with students and clients with the goal of improving their lives as better readers, writers, thinkers, and problem-solvers. In hopes of nurturing growth from educators everywhere, she’s shared her experiences in two education books, Managing Your Classroom with Heart and Everyday Engagement.

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"Be trained, certified and mentored by the best"

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