Charter School Executive's
"Inner Circle"

Introducing the Empowered Executive's "Inner Circle" Mastermind Group. An executive leadership program designed to provide busy school leaders the structure, consistency, and strategic content they need to take their school to the next level.


As a leader, you are known for delivering results.

People around you can count on you to get the job done with excellence. However, as a charter school leader who do you rely on when you need someone to talk to for ideas, strategies and problem solving THAT YOU CAN RELY ON AND KNOWS YOUR PAIN?

So naturally, when it comes to leading your team, you’re all-in.

But you have come to realize that you need someone to help you problem solve and strategize through BIG PICTURE issues.

The key to your success!

You’ve unlocked the secret to multiplying your leadership by equipping your team, empowering staff and doing good through others. 

But what about you... who’s developing you as a leader?

The board really doesn't know what you truly do everyday, and you need someone you can grow from and bounce ideas off without feeling judged!

With our “Inner Circle”, you’ll have immediate access to: 

Weekly virtual mastermind group sessions (75 minutes) with school leaders who have similar experiences but bring unbiased and different perspectives to your challenges. 

Inspiring and high-quality leadership content each month (60 minutes) and additional resources delivered to your inbox to keep you motivated.

Peer support from exceptional leaders like yourself from around the country.

Finally, get the leadership development you deserve.  

Through this program, you will... 

Obtain a group of like-minded principals to bounce ideas off and help you obtain your goals. 

Gain new strategies and perspectives by listening to and learning from your peers.

Build a deeper level of personal awareness and achievement with the support and encouragement of your Inner Circle peers and coaches calls.

Honestly and openly discuss (without judgement) and receive training for your leadership gaps and weaknesses.


“Leaders Building Leaders is what every principal needs even if they don’t know they need it yet.”

— Erika Hedgepeth, Unity Community School


The Empowered Executives "Inner Circle" Mastermind Group is the ANSWER!!!

Our "Inner Circle" executive leadership development program is designed to provide organizational leaders ongoing, structured leadership development content and support that integrates into your everyday work life.
Let’s face it, as leaders, finding time for professional development seems next to impossible… when you’re consumed with the everyday tasks at hand, AND when you’re busy developing everyone else around you.

Empowering Community

Expand your network and receive unbiased feedback through weekly inner circle meetings, monthly expert training sessions, quarterly networking events, and our private SLACK community. 


There is one goal: To strengthen your decision-making process to benefit the well-being of your school, your staff, and your leadership.

Accelerate Achievement

Monthly one-on-one sessions, partner with your Mastermind Coach who will hold you accountable for meeting your goals while providing you personalized support. 

Apply today for our "Inner Circle". You'll be placed in the group that will accelerate your growth!


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  • Membership to the School Leader Consortium through 2020 ($399 value) for FREE.
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  • Get LBL's Building a More Effective and Cohesive Team Course for your team ($597 Value) for FREE 
  • Get our Top Digital Leadership Lessons ($147 Value) for FREE




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