Youth Leadership Trainings

Our youth leadership programs inspire and equip young people to value themselves as well as others. 

We offer complimentary sessions for all grades annually. 

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Youth Curriculum: iLEAD (John Maxwell Foundation)



The iLead curriculum is made up of values-based roundtables designed by Dr. John C. Maxwell to allow the next generation of leaders to develop their values and leadership skills. 

Each lesson contains a short teaching on a value or leadership characteristic, asks students to rate how well they practice this characteristic, and asks them to commit to one action step for the week that will allow them to improve their score in this area.

Over 16 Values based lessons can be adopted by your school or organization (free materials) to be the focal point or enrich your current character education programming. 

Our team will model lessons and support your teacher leaders in the implementation. 

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We are highly certified teachers and educators!

Student Success Report (8-15 years)


You will discover how your personality shows up with others. This will be helpful at home and at school.

Success: You will identify new ways to enjoy school, learn in ways that come easier to you, and communicate with your classmates and teachers.

Key Strengths: You'll learn more about your special strengths, skills, and talents. Use what you learn in this report to grow those strengths, skills, and talents even more.

Motivators: You will learn your key motivators so even hard work becomes easy (and maybe even fun) for you.

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College and Career Report (9th-College)


Choosing a major or career? In a life transition? This comprehensive report gives individuals concrete tools to create an impactful life and career, and to develop relationships that are critical to future success.

  • Identify Strengths: Articulate what you do best.
  • Identify Areas for Growth: Develop a method to identify your blind spots. 
  • Learning Style: How you naturally understand new information.
  • Communication Style: How to convey ideas and interact positively.
  • Motivations: The environment and conditions where you thrive. 
  • Career Matches: Career Options that suited your strengths.

GET AHEAD: The best way to get ahead in your career and be satisfied in your job is to focus on developing your strengths. Trying to significantly work to improve your weaknesses is a waste of time and energy. Instead discover and define your strengths; then find a role that allows you to use them. 

SAVE TIME & MONEY: Forbes Magazine reported that the current U.S.student loan debt exceeded $1.5 trillion; there are over 44 million debtors and 7 million in default. The average outstanding loan balance is $37,172. By knowing which colleges and universities best serve identified best career paths, your students will not waste time guessing which degree suits them best.

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We have a goal to share John Maxwell's leadership principles with over 10,000 youth every year. To reduce any costs to a school and strengthen our impact, we aim to put a physical resource (i.e. books, iLEAD curriculum, DISC profile) in their hands. If you are interested in assisting us reach our goals, please click below and reach out. 

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