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What other school leaders are saying about Leaders Building Leaders...

- Erika Stevens, School Leader

“I want you to know your lesson last week made an impact on me, as they always do. Hopefully you aren’t taking this as a bragging moment of mine (because that is not my intention at all), but more that I learned from you and did something positive for someone else."

- Bill Graham, School Principal

"What was most beneficial about being here with all these charter school leaders was feeling that I'm not alone in this. With all the things that make you feel isolated at your school as a leader when you are in your office alone, it felt really helpful and supportive to get some ideas from others."

- Marci Cornell-Feist, Governance Expert

“This book is a must read for any busy volunteer board member wanting to quickly grasp the essence of their role as a steward of a multi-million dollar public enterprise. It masterfully dissects the challenges that charter school boards confront daily, offering practical strategies for success. Dr. Tom Miller's deep understanding of the subject matter makes this a must-read for those striving to create and sustain effective charter school leadership."

The ONLY school leadership book published specifically for charter school principals!

Dr. Tom Miller, drawing on over 25 years of school leadership experience, distills crucial insights into his book, "10 Indicators of High Performing Charter Schools." With charter school enrollment and growth on a significant rise across the country, Dr. Tom Miller researched and walked the hallways of over 300 charter schools to identify what makes certain schools more effective than others.

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Dr. Tom Miller

I'm Dr. Tom Miller — a former charter school principal and state consultant who specializes in charter school leadership, school improvement strategies, governance training and developing leaders. My core philosophy of leadership is this:

Tom believes that leadership isn’t about telling people what to do, it’s about opening and building a relationship.

When we get this part of relationship building right, results follow. My company, Leaders Building Leaders, has provided training, strategic planning, consulting and organizational support to over 100 schools (charter, traditional, and private), helping them to improve their current results in the area of academics, finances, operations, and governance.

We’ve built strategic networking and training programs for principals, board members, teacher leaders and students!

We’ve assisted over two dozen new schools open in multiple states through charter application writing and Ready to Open process assistance.

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Lauren Watters

Though teaching was her first love, Lauren’s leadership and organizational skills were quickly recognized when she was a teacher which led to her being quickly promoted into administration - serving as the Elementary Dean at one of the top STEM charter schools, Triangle Math and Science in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Lauren’s passion is in problem solving and serving the needs of others.

Lauren received her BA in Education with a concentration in Mathematics from UNC-Wilmington, and graduated with honors. Lauren’s first teaching assignment out of college was in the classroom working with pre-k through sixth grade students.

She and her high school sweetheart have been married for seven years and have two amazing daughters.

In her free time, Lauren enjoys spending time with friends and family, and getaways to her home away from home in Beaufort, North Carolina.

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