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Build a Strong Culture Through Stories, Ceremonies and Rituals

culture live2lead Oct 02, 2020

Hello my friend, 

My grandmother recently turned 90 years old.

She was and still is such an integral part of my life. She practically raised me when my single Mom would work long hours when I was a child. 

In fact, I was telling my son Matthew that every summer, from five to eleven years old, I would fly down to Florida on my own and spend a month with my grandparents. I told them a story about this giant banana tree that every year I would get my picture taken in front of. I shared stories about swimming and fishing in the lake outback. And how my Grandfather loved to sit on the swing every night and watch the sunset. 

We would finish our summers by driving across the country with their pop-up camper. I got to see the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore and the Baseball Hall of Fame all before I was ten years old. 

Maybe this is why "Living like a tourist" is one of my five goals in life. 

I had not seen her for over a year due to COVID-19, but after missing her 90th birthday I felt like I really had to see her.

So when my kids' fall break was set, I made a plan.

Yesterday, I packed the family and we drove down to Florida. 

We have a ritual when we take the 10 hour drive. Exit 58 in Georgia there is this amazing market called Peach World. We still have the cups we bought five years ago and grab a refill for just $2! It's the perfect pit stop that gets us over the monotony of a 10 hour drive!

The next few hours go by pretty quickly and we share stories of our previous trips, time with family and create new memories by sharing what we want to do and experience this time! 

Rituals are actions that support the deepening of our spiritual and emotional connections. They bring extra brightness and fulfillment into our lives. Rituals can take many forms. 

Stories are also powerful tool to use in reinforcing your organization and team's culture. Stories become especially powerful when people remember and repeat them to others. 

The trick as leader, therefore, is to find and tell the kind of stories that reinforce your culture, values, and rules of you want people to behave.

And that's the point: rituals and stories are extremely effective ways to reinforce and drive your culture forward into the future no matter how big your school or organization gets.

My grandmother planted a banana new tree, and we are putting a new swing up for her! You can see why my Grandfather loved this view. 

My company, Leaders Building Leaders, has many annual rituals and ceremonies. My favorite is Live2Lead. An epic, one day, live training event that features John Maxwell and some of the best speakers and thought leaders from across the globe!

It is always held on a Friday in early October, this year, due to COVID-19, it is FULLY REMOTE. You can learn from your office, with your team, with your staff, from wherever you want. 

Plus, there are dozens of bonus lessons for you to listen/watch from previous sessions. 

Each yer thousands of leaders from across the nation learn from John. 

I would love for you to be one and start a new ritual of your own. 

Click here to buy your E-Ticket. 

Imagine, you and your team, in a conference room, watching this event together. Or, from the comfort of your home, watching the event, and networking with leaders nationally. 

Oh, one more thing. You have 72 hour access to replays, so you do not need to watch it live. 

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