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How to Reduce Stress & Grow as a Leader

I believe that it’s not experience that grows the leader, it’s a combination of two key principles and action.

A leader’s growth will come from two things:
1. Evaluating your experience
2. Taking action based on your evaluation

Every week I end with these questions three:
What went well?
What went wrong?
What role did I have in these problems and success.

Then I write out the action steps I will take this week to move my experiences into evaluative improvement.

Try this for the next 30 days and I guarantee you will see a significant difference in your emotional and physical health while getting better results.

Raising your awareness,

Dr. Tom

P.S. Did you grab the quarterly School Leader Checklist, a tool from ourPrincipal Leadership Academy, I sent out the other day? If you are looking for an easy to use tool that will help you as a school leader become more productive by empowering the leaders around you click the link below to grab your copy.

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Why Social and Emotional Learning in Times of Crisis?


During this COVID-19 interruption to the school calendar as most us have experienced it, our team at Leaders Building Leaders, in partnership with Rhonda Dillingham, Executive Director of the North Carolina Association for Public Charter Schoolscreated a community and predictable platform to INFORM, CONNECT, GUIDE and UNITE school leaders from across the globe in hopes of creating the best educational learning experience for all stakeholders. We meet every Thursday at 1:00. 

This past Thursday Ed Reed, Social and Emotional Learning expert, school administrator and counselor in a Maryland school system, was our guest speaker and shared with us the "WHY" behind building an effective Social and Emotional Learning program and "HOW" to begin laying an effective foundation before students return to school this fall.

Ed has served in various leadership roles in private industry and secondary schools recognized among the top 100 schools in America. After spending over 20...

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