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Seven Strategies to Raise Morale and Employee Engagement

organizational health Nov 19, 2020


As a school leader you might be “Feeling Powerless” against the issues and challenges dealing with Covid-19.  

Remember, the organization will look to the top leaders to protect them and to be their voice.   

Without this feeling of safety there will always be an impact on culture and morale. 

Here are seven strategies I have learned and am implementing during these times to raise engagement and morale.   

Get Clear!: Leaders need to be on the same page (mission, vision, purpose) with their team. Be sure to communicate daily why the school exists, what we do, how we will be successful and what the future holds!  

Accentuate the positive: Research shows—not surprisingly—that building employees’ strengths is measurably more effective than fixating on weaknesses. Developing a culture that is strengths-based creates the environment in which employees quickly learn their roles, produce...

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Inspect What You Expect


"Hey, I’m Dr. Tom Miller and I’ve got an idea I want to share with you today: To be an effective leader you must inspect what you expect. 

An expectation is defined as believing that something is going to happen or believing that something should be a certain way.

However, any expectation not communicated is merely a thought. 

I know I struggle with communicating clear expectations. It is something I have to work on daily. I will allow my faulty assumptions to close that expectation gap. Which has never led to great results. 

As a consultant and coach for school leaders across the country, the lack of clearly understood and communicate expectations is the number one issue I see in broken relationships, poor performing teams and the cause of most conflicts.

As a result, the organization suffers and people quit other people. 

Here are seven steps you can adopt to communicate clearer expectations:

Get clear yourself. Most things are crystal clear in...

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