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Leave Your Legacy While Your Living

#legacy #mothers day May 14, 2023

My Mom died during surgery on February 3, 2015. I did not know she was having the surgery.

Fortunately, I happened to call her that afternoon. I had not heard her this excited in years. The new doctor finally believed her, about the pain she was in. He diagnosed her with poor circulation that was creating her loss of feeling in the legs and constant back pain. She had already had multiple surgeries on her back to this point, none of them working. But this time it was different. She had hope. Hope that this time it would work and she could spend time playing on the floor with her two grandchildren.

She never had that chance. 

When he repaired her arteries, they were too weak to carry her new blood flow. They exploded, and she died almost instantly on the table. 

I don’t share this to upset you or get your sympathy. I share this to remind you a few lessons I learned in life:

Sacrifice the right things: Go home. Be present. Call the people you love and tell them...

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