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It Should Never Feel Lonely at the Top

team building Nov 11, 2019

Recently a school leader said to me, "Tom, it can be lonely at the top." As much as I wanted to affirm his observation, as I had spent hundreds of hours by myself, solving problems thinking the same thing. 

But as his coach and consultant I could NOT affirm this belief.

I said, "Well, I believe, if you are feeling lonely, you are not doing it correctly."

John Maxwell’s Law of Significance states, one is too small of a number to achieve greatness.

When I was a Director of a year-round charter middle school I found myself spending countless hours working in a silo feeling more resentment rather than inspiration or strategic. 

One particular initiative that I recall working completely alone on was when I had a goal to eliminate homogenous class roster grouping from our science and social studies classes. I spent over ten hours over the summer break rearranging 200 student data cards that were laid out across multiple tables. Not the...

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