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Being "busy" is the Slow Death of a Leader

Hey Leader!

I want to thank you for investing these last six years with our team at Leaders Building Leaders. I know I am a better leader because of you. Every day you challenge me. I want to be better for you, with the best and most relevant content. To teach you what I am learning so you can be better----faster!. 

Today I have an idea to share with you and a challenge. 

Being “busy” is the slow death of the school leader. 

Being “busy” cannibalizes the things that you should be doing.

Being “busy” causes us to focus on the wrong things. 

Being “busy” minimizes productivity. 

Being “busy” can actually cost you time, money and progress towards your goals.

As a principal, and now business owner, I am extremely active when it comes to work. 

I look busy. I act busy. People definitely think I am busy because that’s typically how they acknowledge me when they call or see me, “I know...

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