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How to Improve Your School for Little to NO Money

leadership Dec 17, 2019

Hey fellow school leaders!

I have a thought I wanted to share.

I believe that your current level of thinking and doing has brought you your current results. 

This is true in ALL aspects of your life. As a middle school director we had strong academic results but a high turnover of our staff based on our unhealthy school culture and micromanaging leadership style. 

Despite having a pretty solid administrative team to lean on and being enrolled in an Education Leadership doctoral program with a dozen other principals and higher education leaders to learn from... 

...the feeling of isolation was overwhelming at times!

Many hours were spent hiding in the office closet with the public school law guide book hoping to find answers!

It wasn't until the opportunity to visit other high performing schools and strategically collaborated with more effective school leaders did the school's results change for the better (healthier culture, trust, teacher empowerment, increased student enrollment and overall employee retention). 

If you want better results, you need to improve your Big Picture Thinking. 

Big Picture Thinking is the ability to see beyond what others see, what they’re missing, and how to navigate uncharted territory. 

However, as a school principal, coach or teacher there is little time to think and depending on the quality of your team, or relationship with the board, there can be a feeling of isolation in the job. 

So how do you improve your thinking and vision?

One quick way to remove this isolated feeling was for our team to build high quality networking opportunities for charter school leaders, called The Regional School Leader Consortium.

Over the last three years, our School Leader Consortium has brought together hundreds of school leaders from charter, private, and traditional public schools every quarter to utilize "best-practice" school observation and networking as a form of professional development. 

Through these quarterly meetings, we have created a collegial exchange of ideas, formed ongoing, inspiring relationships, and promoted a level of trust resulting in more informed and effective school leaders across North Carolina. 

Today fed my leadership soul. It was a great day! I took so many notes and I'm already implementing a welcoming reception and other ideas. Thank you for putting the Consortium together. 

Kelly Painter, Bradford Prep School

I am excited to announce the next step in growing our School Leader Community, The Empowered Executives Mastermind (EEM) Group launching January 9th, 2020. 

The EEM is designed to provide busy school leaders the structure, consistency, and strategic content they need to take their school to the next level. 

Seats are limited (only eight seats) so sign up today at our early bird price ($83 a month!)

Click Here To Reserve Your Seat

The Mastermind Groups are created by APPLICATION based on EXPERIENCE and SCHOOL SIZE and POSITION at the school. 

As a member of our EEM, you’ll grow your leadership, improve the school’s results and gain freedom through learning leadership strategies and secrets from those who share your position. 

Receive over $1,500 in SCHOOL WIDE professional development bonuses focused on building your entire team for a limited time. 

So remember, your current level of thinking has brought you your current results. If you want better results, you need to improve your Big-Picture Thinking. 

“It is a huge benefit to visit a school and hear from the team talk about successes and challenges in order to determine what aspects may work in our own school.” Lori Luhrs, Brevard Academy

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I encourage you to join our Empowered Executives Mastermind Group for just $83 a month surround yourself with leaders who KNOW your challenges, are FAMILIAR with your responsibilities as a principal and DESIRE to grow just as much as you.

Your friend, 

Dr. Tom Miller

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