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Goal Setting Mistake (Requiring to Know HOW)

#goals #leadership Dec 19, 2020

Hello {{first_name}},

Nine years ago today I earned the right to turn the tassel, earning my Doctorate in Education Leadership!

When this picture was taken I was still a middle school director of a very successful rural charter school. 

I did not know that a few weeks after I would get recruited by the NC Department of Public Instruction Office of Charter Schools to assist the growth of public charter schools as the Legislation just eliminated the 100 school cap. 

I did not know HOW to write a charter application let alone lead the process that would evaluate over 250 applications that resulted in the opening over 50 charter schools in the following three years.

I did not know HOW to support and prepare  charter school leaders opening their school from scratch. But I did. 

When I quit that government job to start my own business supporting school leaders in growing themselves and their schools, I did not know HOW to start a business.

I did not know ANYTHING!

I did not know HOW to sustain a grow a business that now serves over 2,000 school leaders a year and growing each day. 

But I am doing it.

You see, one of the five common mistakes people make when setting goals is the requiring the need to know HOW to achieve the goal before they set the goal (Learn all 5 mistakes below).

If you needed to know HOW to do anything before you started you would never have learned to stand, walk, talk, ride a bike, swim, and pretty much everything you have done. 

When it comes down to it, when this picture was taken, nine years ago, with three college degrees and a decade of experience as a teacher or principal,  I did not know HOW to do much of anything.

The first time I knew that I could do anything is after the first time I did it.

Then I got better and better each time I did it.

And every time I did, I became more AWARE of my potential and more AWARE that I could do more and BE more.

So, if right now you don’t know HOW to do something.

Stop worrying.

You are right where you are supposed to be. 

Your friend,


Oh, if you would like a copy of the Five Mistakes People Make When Setting Goals  Download them now

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