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Winning With People: Let People Know You Need Them

leadership teamwork winning Sep 08, 2019

Hey everyone, I am Dr. Tom Miller and I have a Winning With People tip I want to share.

Any dream that you have that doesn’t involve other people, is simple too small.

Here is what I mean.

As an Executive Director of the John Maxwell Team I have had the privilege of being taught and mentored by John over the past five years. John will take the time for us to ask him direct questions based on where we are in our leadership journey. One question that seems to dominate the Q and A sessions is, “What is the secret to getting people to buy in and be committed to the team?” 

At some point in your life, maybe even as you read this, you have asked yourself this same question. How do I get my team fully on board? 

John’s answer is very simple sentence. “I cannot do it without you.” He shared, “Leaders can become great, only when they realize that they are the ones that need people.” 

To truly achieve something great you have to shift your mindset from ME to WE. John will remind us, “Any dream that you have that doesn’t involve other people, is simple too small.” 

To be honest, this is an area I have struggled in my entire life. I work hard, I have always had vision, plenty of ideas and vast amounts of energy. But I have never been extremely successful in communicating clearly how other people can assist me in achieving something greater than me. John notes, “When the vision gets bigger than you, you really only have two choices: give up on the vision or get help.”

Which have you choose to this point in your career? Here are five points John makes in his best selling book Winning With People you can apply to begin growing your team leadership. 

You need people! Ninety percent of what you accomplish every day is through or with other people. Asking others for help is a great way to make them feel like a million bucks. 

People Need to Be Needed Have you ever asked someone for directions and they didn’t stop everything they were doing to help you find your way? This is because whenever people feel as though they know something you don’t, it gives them an ego boost. Everyone loves being an expert, even if it’s just for a second. 

People Need to Know They Need People Your fate is tied to that of many others. Late great motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously shared, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” That’s right, your success, and the success of your school or organization, will be directly tied to those around you. So don’t you think you should let them know how important and valuable they are to you? 

People Need to Know They Are Needed Every human being longs for a life of significance. We all need to know we are needed and that we offer to others is of value. Be sure to tell your team today what specifically they bring, the value, skills and talents to the team. 

People Need to Know That They Helped Your job as a leader is to create an environment that enables people to leverage each other beyond their own individual capabilities. You ultimately are responsible and may get the credit as well as the blame. Be sure you only communicate who helped you get there, and take 100% of the blame for when you don’t. 

If you remember anything from this lesson, remember this. The person who feels needed consistently performs better. 

To Apply John’s Teaching:

                                                            Forget about: 

A prideful attitude that causes you to prove how capable you are without the help of others. 


Who specifically can help me do a better job that I can do alone? Who is waiting to be asked to join in what I am doing? 

                                                                   Do it: 

Sincerely ask others for input or help and attend carefully to what they have to say. 


Individuals who win with people make others feel that they are at the very heart of things, not at the periphery.

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