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Be Sure To Wipe Your Feet

Nowadays, a greater number of people feel that a good way to liberate themselves with what they feel is by speaking themself out.

Everybody is so ready to take on the latest society prattle, be it about politics, economy or societal claims. Whatever opinion you had in mind, it will always be different from the other person you are talking to even if you are tackling the same subject.

When Mahatma Gandhi said, “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet” it reminds me of the challenges of being in education.

It is not bad enough that a good percentage of our general public has nothing but negative comments to say about teachers and schools but many times, we teachers and fellow educators are the most guilty of sabotaging our own school culture by talking and tearing down each other.

Think about your current workplace and ask yourself these questions...

Where does the negativity come from? 

Do you need to adjust who you spend time with?

What do you do when it comes to you?

Do you approach it with a bucket of water or a tank of gasoline?

What do you do when it is directed to you?

Do you seek to understand?

Do you allow your emotions to take over to fight or flight?

Do you allow it to impact how you feel about yourself?

Over this final week of school, parents and teachers, before you make a comment about how you feel, be sure that you first wipe off your feet.

Don’t let your emotions do the talking and say words that may affect you in ways that you don’t expect. It is not always that your opinions are right or wrong because people have different views on any matter, once they know of a thing, their opinions about it do not necessarily change just because you voiced-out yours. 

Be a good influencer to the youth and adults. Don’t stir up someone’s thinking, instead just be a good encourager and let the people around you choose whether to agree with your point and accept it if they do not. Hear yourself first before preaching out what you believe to avoid any heated conversation.

Make a difference,

Dr. Tom


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