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To Win in Business, You Need Great Partners like Acadia NorthStar!

#leadership partnership Oct 08, 2020

Acadia NorthStar has been assisting public charter schools with accounting, budget management and compliance since 2001. For over a decade, Acadia's experienced staff has been exceeding their clients' expectations.

Most of you have heard of Acadia.

Many of you have a contract with Acadia. 

But what you might not know is that 365 days a year, the team at Acadia works with their clients to ensure long term, fiscal vitality. 

Here is how I know: Five years ago I was the Executive Director to a charter school board overseeing two charter schools. One of the schools was in financial hardship. It's expenditures far exceeded it's revenue (over one million a year). The school could not pay rent. The school was losing enrollment.

One day I just happened to find a folder that was labeled "unpaid invoices"on the desk of the former principal. In the folder was over $500,000 in unpaid invoices tracking back to the previous fiscal year. 

This was not a problem I, or any member of our team had faced. 

I called our account rep at Acadia to better understand how this could be true and create a plan. In the next ten days we had a cash flow forecast, an adjusted, bottom line budget (payroll, bills and rent), and a list of vendors that I need to call to eliminate costs. 

The next 90 days were a challenge. 

Download Eight Common Charter School Fiscal Issues

I received numerous calls (early morning and after hours) from my Acadia account rep letting me know the cash position and ideas on how to save money. We received countless reminders to apply for grants and accept funds. 

At the end, this school went from $500,000 in unpaid invoices, to finishing the fiscal year with over $100,000 in reserves. 

This was only possible because Acadia helped us create and stick to a plan. 

Our account representative knew and understood our finances better than we did!

I am happy to say that almost five years later, that charter school is thriving, and Acadia NorthStar has continued to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of charter school principals and directors. 

If you are not a partner with Acadia and would like a finance and charter school expert on your team, visit them at 

One more thing about Acadia...A few years' back, when a hurricane demolished much of the southeast region, our team put together a caravan of cars to bring items to families. You know who was first in line? The Acadia Team!

They were already collecting and sending items to schools in the southeast. We were able to add to their work!

Acadia is more than a charter school service provider. They are a key member of the North Carolina community!

We are so proud to have Acadia NorthStar as our Live2Lead Premiere Sponsor for the sixth year in a row.

Live2Lead is an annual leadership conference held in October that our team facilitates. The team at Acadia knows and understands that everything rises and falls with leadership! 

That is why they invest in the best leadership training for their people. 

If you want to come to Live2Lead and learn with the team at Acadia click the link below. 

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