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Stop Trying to Please Everyone

#leadership Jan 19, 2022

As a leader, do you aim to be loved or are you going lead?

As someone who always considered himself a relationtional leader this is a challenging question.

When I first started as a middle school principal I found myself seeking more affirmation then information.

I would set a vision and then ask everyone their opinion.

If their vision did not agree I would make a compromise for them, not hold them to the image I was seeking to create.

I knew that a leader’s personal stock increases when people buy into the relation.

However, to create significant change, I did not the importance of shifting from pleasing people to challenging people.

Change the leadership question from are we all ok to are we all committed?

Commitment is the line for challenging people.

When you don’t have alignment in the commitments of your people, everyone in the organization can feel it.

It creates disconnect of the people from the purpose.

When you have alignment, and everyone is on the same page...commitment will override opinions.

Do not confuse commitment with consensus.

The message is, This is where we are going.

Not, Could you come this way?

You’ll never know whether your people are truly with you until you ask for a commitment.

Who is really with you.

Winners will stretch. Whiners will shrink.

From John Maxwell’s #leadershift

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