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No Trust. No Unity. No Progress: 4 Strategies to Nourish the Board/Management Relationship

Uncategorized Jul 25, 2019

Research has revealed that North Carolina is one of the lowest performing states when it comes to principal retention. The average tenure for a public school principal is less than three years School Leaders Network. In fact, since I started my company (July of 2014), 52% of the operating public charter schools have turned over their school leader at least once. A good percentage of them have had as many as three transitions in five years. 

What is the cause of this turnover? I believe the turnover is caused by the lack of intentional nourishment between the board and the school leader.  

Watch my short video here to learn the four strategies you can implement today to begin developing a stronger, sustainable relationship. 

Download the four strategies here. 

New board chair? Download my 10 tips I learned as a board chair!

This blog was written and recorded by Dr. Tom Miller, founder of Leaders Building Leaders. Tom has spent the last seven years as a charter school consultant, researcher of effective charter school practices and human behavior. He currently serves on a charter school board, furthering his research on what is working in terms of school leader and board relationships. Reach out by emailing [email protected] for a complimentary training or thinking partner session and begin moving your organization in a better direction. 

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