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Worrying is Like Bubble Gum for the Mind

habits leadership mentoring Mar 31, 2020

"Hey, I’m Tom Miller and I’ve got a quote I want to share with you one of my favorite quotes from my mentor Paul Martinelli. "Worrying is like bubblegum for the mind." 

Many times, thoughts that consume us are such – ‘Did I do right?’, ‘Could I have done better?’, ‘Am I enough?’, ‘What will be the result of this?’. 

In fact these are such familiar thoughts, that they are often on in our daily habits without our awareness. 

Lots of times, we are in these grey situations where there is nothing obvious that we’ve done wrong, but nothing that we’ve done terribly right either. These thoughts can paralyze you. 

One example is when a client or a potential client emails or calls me. My mind immediately goes to…”What did I do wrong?’ I sometimes delay in opening the email or listening to the voice message. 

Do any of these thoughts ever enter your mind? How do they make you feel?

Remember, the most powerful voice that you will hear all day is your own, so you need to be careful what you say to yourself. 

Worrying is like bubble gum for the mind. Just keeping you busy until flavor dies out. Well, until you pop in a fresh piece. 

A solution to stop worrying is to first, become aware of our reality by gaining control of your mind. Be aware of how often we are carrying the burden of our past behaviors, even when we have been successful the majority of the time. Make a list of how you have been successful and when those worries or negative voices come in. Share your successes out-loud, overwhelming that negative voice.

Another strategy I like to utilize is a daily affirmation list of "I am" statements. 

I am worthy.

I am happy. 

I am wealthy. 

I am strong. 

I am a connector. 

I am blessed. 

I am confident.

I am a communicator. 

I am courageous. 

I am excited about today. 

Write out your own “I am …” statements and read them out-loud in the mirror twice a day. 

Because you are enough. 

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Your friend,


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