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How to Be an Effective Exceptional Children's Director (Expert Speaker, Breauna Wall)


Exceptional Children Teams's are not strong just because they have strong members. Exceptional Children's Team's are strong because they learn to to navigate through challenging times together.

During this COVID-19 interruption to the school calendar as most us have experienced it, our team at Leaders Building Leaders, in partnership with Rhonda Dillingham, Executive Director of the North Carolina Association for Public Charter Schools has created a community and platform to INFORM, CONNECT, GUIDE and UNITE school leaders from across the globe in hopes of creating the best educational learning experience for all stakeholders. We meet every Wednesday at 3:00. 

This past week our special guest speaker today was Breauna Wall, Director of 13 virtual schools across the state of CaliforniaAs the Director of the Exceptional Children program, Breauna and her team oversee more than 2,000 students through a remote learning platform. Building effective relationships, communication and organization strategies are critical. Learn from Breauna by watching the video or listen to the podcast below. 

Breauna's power-point and highlights:
- Don't lead by assumptions
- Schedule time to do everything
- Scheduling and Calendaring tools
- Building Connections with Families
- Parents as learning coaches
-  How to build your team.

How to be the best EC Director you can and SO MUCH MORE!

She wanted me to share that Unique Learning Systems:  are offering a free differentiated summer unit and lots more!

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 If you prefer to listen to the call. 

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