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I AM Overwhelmed

“I am overwhelmed,” they shared. “I am just...I have a lot to do. I’ll be working all summer, which is fine, I can cancel my vacation and go next year.”

As a coach and thinking partner for hundreds of school leaders, I hear comments like this every week. School leaders that are too busy, too overwhelmed, too engaged in everything to participate in a training session or prepare for their coaching session.

When the truth is, their feelings and emotions are not being overwhelmed. Their feelings and emotions are coming from being under-purposed. From not having clarity in their purpose, vision and goals. 

Your purpose is why you do what you do. The filter through which you direct your creative power and how you make decisions. Think of your purpose as the sun and everything revolves around it. From your purpose, you begin to see and create vision. I teach Purpose, Vision and Goals in our Empowerment Mentoring program. 

When you are not clear on your purpose, vision and goals, you feel stuck. And feeling stuck stinks. 

What you are feeling is the need for growth. I know because I too have had to fight this feeling. 

I had to fight the urge to feel like the entire success of my business or school was on my shoulders. The truth is, if I don’t utilize the team and people around me, regardless of how small and inexperienced they are, I will burnout and more than likely be replaced in less than three years. 

Here are a three solutions and resources for you to eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed or stuck. 

Get clear on what is required of you to do and what you can delegate or stop doing. If you need help, here is a short lesson I did on How to Prioritize. This will help you prioritize and realize, I cannot do everything today, but I can take one small step to be in a better place tomorrow. Click here to gain access to the How to Prioritize Lesson and Resources.

Daily Affirmations: The most powerful voice that you will hear all day is your own, so you need to be careful what you say to yourself. The word can create the most beautiful dream, or your word can destroy everything around you. Depending on how words are used, they can set you free or they can enslave you more than you know. Using phrases and words like “I am overwhelmed” or “I am busy” can plant seeds of doubt in your mind. 

I start my day with daily affirmation list of "I am" statements. 

Instead of saying “I am overwhelmed,” use phrases like…

I am needed.

I am trusted.

I am resourceful.

I am blessed.

I am strong.

I am worthy.

I am confident.

Instead of saying “I am busy,” use phrases like...

I am engaged.

I am rich. 

I am courageous. 

I am excited about today. 

I am the difference-maker. 

Write out your own “I am …” statements and read them out-loud in the mirror twice a day. 

Become Aware: Be aware of your reality by gaining control of your mind. Be aware of how often we are carrying the burden of your past behaviors, even when we have been successful the majority of the time. 

Make a list of how you have had lots of work to do in the past and been successful in getting it all done. When those worries or negative voices come in share your successes out-loud, overwhelming that negative voice.

It may sound like this. “I know I have many responsibilities. But I am fully equipped, resources and empowered to complete them with the help of my team. I know this because I have felt this way before and succeeded by identifying what is most important right now and communicating to my team who is responsible for what tasks.

Do this because you are enough. 

If this post can help someone in need, please share. 

If you are feeling stuck and are looking for someone to talk to; perhaps learn some new strategies, new habits or goals you have yet to accomplish and would like an accountability partner and coach, I invite you to come into one of our goal achieving programs. 

Just send an email to [email protected] and let’s schedule a complimentary one on one call. We can work together to get you unstuck and then create a personal development plan suited for you and your goals.

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Lessons to support your goals:

Purpose, Vision and Goals

How to Prioritize Lesson and Resources.

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