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How To Design and Live The Best Year Ever!

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2022

I believe that wisdom and insight do not come from experience.

Wisdom and insight come from EVALUATIVE EXPERIENCE. Reflection and processing what went well. What went wrong? How will I improve?

You see, I regret the decisions I did not make more than the bad decisions I did. Then I would have insight on whether or not I was on the right track. 

There is GOLD in the reflection process. The problem with us school leaders is we do not always take the time to do so. We are so busy being busy. 

I know, over this past twelve months I was the head principal of three different schools. All while running my strategic consulting and leadership development company. We served over 10,000 leaders in 2023! Providing consulting and training services for over 100 schools. I finalized and published my book on the Ten Indicators of High Performing Charter Schools. 

My team and I were able to take over ten weeks in vacation in 2022. I spent the month of June in France traveling from town to town with my wife and two children. 

We also visited Denver, Seattle and Vancouver to see professional sports (NHL and MLB) games. All part of my life goals that came from me identifying my purpose.

My WHY in life. 

If you have yet to begin your Year in Review process I’ve added mine to the download here. 

At minimum, I would reflect and do some authentic journaling on these questions.

  • What did I love in 2022?
  • Who did I love spending time with in 2022?
  • When was I at my best? Where was I and what was I doing?
  • Where and when did I make the greatest impact?
  • What work sucked the life from me?

When you are done, write out your 2023 vision statements.

I will spend more time doing…

I will not do…

I will spend more time with…

I will spend less time with…

I will look for more opportunities like…

These statements become your guiding principles, affecting how you plan your calendar and how you make your decisions around time and money next year!

Be safe and God bless!

Dr. Tom and Team


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