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What Do Your Customers Say About Your Organization?

As a school leader, you are in the people business. If it is good for the people, it will be good for your business. 

I recently met author and thought leader Jeff Henderson. He wrote the book, Know What You're FOR.

Jeff has an incredible path to success, working with Fortune 500 companies like Chic-Fil-a and some of the largest churches and school districts across the country on their purpose, values, orientation, culture and marketing.

In Jeff's book, he shares that there are two critical questions that every organization needs to ask and work daily to ensure the answers align.

  1. What do we want to be know for? (Your Vision)
  2. What are we know for?  (Current Reality)

The first question you need to ask yourself and your team. You will probably get a handful of different answers.

Here is our What are you FOR statement: 

Leaders Building Leaders, at its core, is about making a difference. Our brand is for principals and school leaders who desire to unlock their full potential, build meaningful relationships, and change their world while living an empowered life. 

Our team of former principals draw on their vast experiences to help our clients win the day while creating content and programs that will immerse them in a culture of personal and professional growth.

We are working on question #2 now!

But, once you have clarity and commitment with your question #1, you can move onto the second question. 

What are we know for?

This question needs to be asked of your main customer. In our case students, families,  community members, strategic partners. Anyone who is part of the answer to the first question. 

Jeff notes, "When you are talking the talk, but not walking the talk, you are leaving impact on the table."

Your job is a leader, is to navigate your team to close the gap between those two answers.  

When you do, you will find that you have more people on board to solving problems and more vision carriers telling people about your organization.  

Telling them WHAT you want to be known for and how they experienced the impact that your people, programs and products bring joy and happiness to their lives.  

Isn't this what you want? 

With over 90% of employees reporting dissatisfaction with their job and parents choosing to homeschool their child, you cannot afford not to have clarity in WHAT and WHO You are FOR. 

Jeff recently did a Podcast with John Maxwell where he goes into deeper detail on how these questions came about and how YOU as a leader can begin to create positive change. I linked it below. 

Jeff is also going to be one of the keynote speakers at our upcoming leadership event, Live2Lead

Listen to the podcast linked below and work through the first question with your team. Then grab your ticket to our October 8th Live2Lead event to learn more from Jeff on how you can begin to work on question #2.


Jeff will be one of our speakers at Live2Lead, click here to learn more and attend this powerful  EVENT FOR YOU TO INVEST IN YOUR LEADERSHIP AND PERSONAL GROWTH


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