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Silent Gratitude Isn't Good For Anyone

Uncategorized Nov 23, 2020

Remember, silent gratitude isn’t good to anyone.--

I remember my first few weeks as an Exceptional Children's teacher. I was helping in the car pick up line when this third grade student came to me and said, "I think there is something wrong with our teacher. I think she is sleeping." 

I grabbed a colleague and went to the classroom. It was filled with after-school students and a woman who I had never met slumped in a chair. 

"We have to clear this room," I directed. 

I checked the pulse of the woman. There was no vitals. 

"Call 911!" I told my colleague and slowly eased her off the chair and onto the floor to begin CPR. 

She did not make it. 

As I was watching her get taken away in an ambulance my boss came over to me to thank me for my leadership. He had just gotten off the phone with the woman's husband. 

He told me, "He just kept repeating, I think I told her I loved her this morning. I know I thanked her. I think I told her."

If you are like me (a recovering career ladder builder), you have probably fallen short in this area. 

Since that day I have worked on expressing my gratitude to all of those who have helped me. Especially loved ones. I haven't mastered it in any way, but I am working to get better daily. 

Here is my challenge to you. 

No matter how far along you are in life, think about your career. Who are the people most responsible for your success?

Write down the first 25 names that come to mind and ask yourself, “Have I ever told them how grateful I am for their help?” 

Write each of them a personal thank you note or call them to let them know how they helped you and how grateful you are. 

Remember, nothing worthwhile was ever accomplished alone!

To your success,

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