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Start of the School Year Resources: Law of Priorities

The Law of Priorities states leaders never advance to a point where they no longer need to prioritize.

Great leaders know that activity is not necessarily accomplishment. Some of you have already started your school year, others are days away from inservice, the rest of you may still have a week or two of vacation before staff arrive.

To quote the great John Snow from Game of Thrones, "Winter is Coming".

Well, in your case, "The first day is coming" and you and your team must be prepared. (See our best resources at the end of this blog).

As a former teacher, principal, executive director and board chair you know what I have realized is most important when it comes to that first day? That first work day, first open house, first school day? 


My challenge to you is to be intentional about identifying the most important activities that need to be accomplished in order to have the best "first day" experience for staff, parents and students. For your team to meet their goals and run into the new year, feeling refreshed, renewed and prepared!

Step 1: Ask, what is most important right now? (Not to you...but to the team). 

Step 2: Put these items in order specific to the school's goals. For example, what issues are impacting the education of students. 

Step 3: List the top three and work with your team to identify the steps to complete each one.

Reminder: Anything that someone else can do as 80% as well as you can, delegate and empower your team it to maximize your time to focus on what is MOST important. 

Step 4: Commit: Who is responsible for what and when will it be accomplished by? Remember, Teamwork makes the dream work!

Lastly, be sure to communicate daily on the progress and any clarification questions so no one is being held up. 

The challenge of a team leader and team builder is to merge all team member roles into a collective work, into which all efforts are directed and subordinated to a common goal, or “the big picture.” 

Our team has worked to put some key resources and checklists together for you to kick-off 2019-2020 school year with 100% enrollment, clear goals, vision and a plan. Download the tools and resources that best meet your needs. Don't see what you need? Email me at [email protected]. I am sure we have it. 

Note: Download one resource below and I will send you a link to all of the resources right into your inbox to save you time. 

Maximize Day 1 Membership (100% ADM): I am always shocked when I hear principals say they fell short of projected enrollments. It should never be a surprise. Download our 100% Enrollment checklist and work as a team to ensure there will be zero surprises on day one.  Click Here to Download

  • Not sure how ADM is calculated? Check out our archived blog and make sure your team is clear. 

Get Organized as a Team: Being a principal is one of the most interrupted jobs on the planet. Without systems and structure, you are bound to drop the ball somewhere. Our BluePrint4Success School Leader Checklist provides the leadership a month by month operational action plan to save time, energy and empower your team to new heights! 

Improve Time ManagementDownload our 15 Minute Miracle to find out what is creating that daily vortex, keeping you from your most important tasks of the day. 

Earn Financial Freedom: Share these five tips I utilized to change the cash position of a charter school from half-a-million in debt to $100,000 in the black in less than six months with your CFO and Treasurer to ensure the organization you lead receives the greatest return on investment this school year. 

Know What Works?: Download over 20 years of effective school research to ensure your school is focusing on the right initiatives. 

Right People?: Got the right people in the right place? Investing in those that will best help you grow the organization? Your success will be directly determined by those you surround yourself with. Download our team leadership assessment to determine the qualities of those around you. 

Principal Office Podcast: Our podcast provides a weekly leadership lessons, best practice strategies and interviews from the top charter principal leaders across the country. Subscribe now. Over 60 lessons and 12,000 listens at the time of this posting.

New to North Carolina? Be sure to bookmark and share these NC Department of Public Instruction resources to ensure you are in compliance in all key areas of student accountability (be sure to verify the latest published version):

Student Attendance Manual (2018-2019)

Charter School Finance Handbook

Exceptional Children Policies

Charter School Legislation and Policies

If there is one thing I have learned as a former principal and now business owner, If you do not PREPARE on the front end, you will spend a great deal of time REPAIRING on the back end. 

As always, thank you for your time and trust. Our team is here to serve you. If you have any question or need clarification, reach out today. [email protected]


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