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Being "busy" is the Slow Death of a Leader

I believe that being “busy” is the slow death of the school leader. 

Being “busy” cannibalizes the things that you should be doing.

Being “busy” causes us to focus on the wrong things. 

Being “busy” minimizes productivity. 

Being “busy” can actually cost you time, money and progress towards your goals.

As a principal, and now business owner, I am extremely active when it comes to work. 

I look busy. I act busy. People definitely think I am busy because that’s typically how they acknowledge me when they call or see me, “I know you’re busy so thanks for taking my call.” 

But what has been brought to my awareness recently is that being busy creates empathy. 

Other people empathize with being busy, because we have all been there. 

When you communicate busy - people affirm your busyness. Most of the time when you ask someone “how are you?” 

They answer what they are, not how they are. “WOW - been so busy! 

As an effect of being busy, your team, your people or your family members will hold back information. 

They cut conversations short. They leave out details - they are not wanting to bring MORE issues to your plate because you are SOOO busy. “I didn’t want to interrupt you” or “I know you have so much on your plate and I didn’t want to add to it.”

Appearing “busy” means you are being minimized as a leader. The information you receive and have to make decisions actually decreases when being busy is how your team sees you.  

Here are some strategies that have helped me work towards decreasing my busyness. 

Eliminate your open-door policy and build a bridge to everyone that is critical the vision, purpose and goals becoming a reality. Take the time to connect with each member of the team weekly three key questions.

    1. How are you?
    2. What are you working on?
    3. How can I help?

Bonus Question: What is it you have been wanting to ask, but haven’t had the chance? 

Eliminate what is creating your busyness. Your time is your most precious asset and it is the only way we are all equal. However, some leaders are able to accomplish more with their time, prioritize their time, and be more communicative with their time.  

Letting someone else dictate how you spend your time is not living your life. It is living theirs.

Socrates identified, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” 

By taking the time to reflect on how I am spending my time, it has allowed me to create a more empowered life that is focused on my goals and priorities. I am no where I aim to be, but I know that consistency compounds over time. 

Multiple times a year I will use our 15 Minute Miracle time tracking tool to make sure I am spending my time on the right activities and identifying what is taking me away from my priorities. It is a simple tool that when completed with transparency and an open mind will allow you reflect daily and determine when are your most productive times of the day and when are you off-track? Why is this occurring, what is your environment like during these times? Which activities do you need to increase during what times? What do you need to stop? What changes do you need to make to be more productive towards your priorities?

If you would like a copy of this easy to use tool to begin assessing where your time is going, click here and one will come to your email. 

I recall seeing this poster that read, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” 

There is no growth without change. And to change, that means you have to try and be open to something different. You have to work to create new habits and eliminate those habits that no longer serve you. 

Again, if you want that time tracking tool, just click here. You'll be able to begin creating a new life in 24 hours. 

If you work to get 1% better each week, at whatever area of your life you are looking to change, and at the end of the year, even after a two week vacation, you’ll be 50% better in that area of your life.

Your friend,



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