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Take Time to Pause

#leadership #reflection Nov 01, 2022

I believe between every stimulus and its response, every piece of information and our decision, there is space. A brief pause. 

It is brief, but always enough time and room for our philosophy or interpretation to be inserted. 

Within that space creates choice.

  • Will we use it to think?
  • Will we use it to examine?
  • Will we use it to wait for more information?
  • Will we use it to insert our own story, give into first impressions, harmful instincts, and old patterns?

 The pause is everything.

The pause before…

…jumping to conclusions.


…assuming the worst.

…rushing to solve your child’s problems for them.

…forcing a problem into some kind of policy

…assigning blame

…taking offense

…turning away in fear

As a younger leader I struggled with my emotions. I would not say I am cured but 15 years of evaluative experience, yoga, better exercise and self care. Learning to create better relationship with myself and loved ones. I have participated in mastermind groups and book studies. I am coached. I have mentors for all areas of my life. I conduct daily self reflection check ins and completed thousands of hours of personal growth exercises.  

I have learned to create a higher self. To think in a rational and principled manner. I have evolved and grown. 

I think into who I want to be. And how I show up.

I am better but nowhere I need to be.

Again, I am better and have had to surround myself with really strong people to remind me…"let it go" Tom.  

I have learned to utilize that pause. 

Leaders cannot make decisions on impulse. They must lead from somewhere more rational, more controlled. 

Based on their vision, their purpose, their principles and values. 

This doesn’t mean they won’t be tempted, or have impulses to lash out and react.

Self-Discipline through personal growth has created a new model of thinking for me. A way to respond. 

It doesn’t matter the level of error someone makes in life or at work. Everything must be filtered through your purpose, principles, vision and values.

The questions you need to answer are..How do I want to be led? How do I want to be remembered?

How do I want to be thought of as a leader? 

These answers determine what you will be able to do…and more importantly who you aim to be! 

So today, when you get a chance, take the chance to pause and think before you respond. 

I guarantee you'll feel better about your results. 

Keep making a difference,

Dr. Tom

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