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You Get Too Many Emails (Follow These Pages for High Quality Free Resources)

#leadership Aug 14, 2022

Hello {{first_name}},

I know you get WAY TOO MANY emails each day. I know because I have been in your shoes the last two years being the interim principal for six different schools. Your list of emails is like....

SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, parent complaint, teacher need, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM....

If you are looking for help with how to manage your emails I added a lesson I did years ago on how to STEP READING YOUR EMAILS (link at the end). 

I appreciate you being on our School Leadership Community list and I hope that anything we send you find valuable and can help you today or tomorrow. 

Knowing you get SO MANY Emails I wanted you to know that every day of the week you can go to any of our Social Media pages and get quality resources to improve all aspects of your school and life. 

Bookmark this resource page and subscribe to the social media page that best meets your needs. We are about to hit our 200th Podcast Episode and have over 100,000 downloads. 

Every day I post a short video highlighting a strategy to raise your awareness and create better results on all of our pages. 

I lead complimentary leadership book studies and High Performance School Leadership Academy webinars each month. 

I just published a book on the 10 Indicators of a High Performance School (Click here to download)

We are building a FREE Resource page as well. I'll let you know when that is available. 

If you are on Facebook, join our private, School Leadership Made REAL Simple page. Be sure to answer the questions as I do not let ANYONE in who is not in the education field and does not take the time to answer the three questions (Click Here to Apply for Membership)

Here is that video I promised you on How to Stop Reading Emails. (Click here to watch and subscribe). 

We at Leaders Building Leaders believe that every student deserves to learning a high performing school. With that as our mission, this means we need better leaders in every office, hallways and classrooms. This is our purpose and we are honored to be a small part of your journey. 

Keep making a difference,

The LBL Team

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